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The Pandemic Was Here


This is a photo/art exhbition created by Dr. Jolene Armstrong, Associate Professor, Athabasca University that seeks to caption and illustrate the signs of the pandemic. All around we have been bombarded by news on television, radio, billboards, social media about the dire state of the world due to the pandemic. Even in our quiet moments in which we attempt to escape from the barrage of information, perhaps seeking solitude and quiet in nature, or even just walking around our enighbourhoods, or at playgrounds, signs of the pandemic's presence intrude. The detritus left behind by protective equipment reminds us of other costs of the pandemic, not just the cost in money and human lives, but the potentially irreversable and irreparable impact on the natural environment. When the pandemic ends, how will we address all of the damage? How will we not only heal our bodies and minds, but also the environment?

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