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signage reminding people not to enter a particular area if they can say yes to any of the following criteria. This was common practice for pandemic health risk screening for entering not just hospitals, as where this sign was found, but also places…

Fit for work health screening for health care workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, used at University of Alberta Hospital

A hospital sign reminder staff to remove their personal protective equipmemt (PPE) before leaving an area in order to reduce the chances of transmission. Before the pandemic it would have been expected that there may be instances in which PPE should…

This is a fit for work screening information sheet. Most workplaces implemented daily screening of employees to ensure that they were symptom free before entering the work place. This is from University of Alberta Hospital.

Sign reflecting the continued need for pandemic protocols, over one year into the pandemic.

With the mention of "relaunch", this sign reflects re-opening efforts after a period of restrictions. In order for things to successfully open up again, strict distancing protocols need to remain in place to avoid an increase in infections again.

Although this sign doesn't specifically mention Covid-19, it is clear that the activity is adhering to social distancing protocols. It is completely common during the pandemic for activities to be moved online to a virtual experience rather than in…

An emphasis of kindness was part of the campaign to combat the pandemic in Alberta: "Be kind " were words frequently heard from the Health Officers and other officials during official communications.

While not necessarily linked to the pandemic specifically, there was a renewed emphasis on hand washing as a strategy against the spread of Covid-19, even those it is an aerosol and unlikely to be spread by fomites. Hand-washing is part of the…

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